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Automated Medication Dispenser
Premier Alert Systems Automated Medication Dispenser's are designed to aid people who take medications on a scheduled basis. The dispenser operates by microchip technology and allows the user to gain more independence and feel better by taking their medications in the prescribed manner.
Medication Dispenser Features:
Dispense medications for one, two, three or four times daily
Medications are under lock and key and only the most
                                                      recent dose is available
                                                      Audible alarm or flashing light alerts user that it is time
                                                      to take their medications
                                                      Pill compartments are designed to fit adult fingers and
                                                     are "ramped" for easy medication removal
                                                      Timers are as easy to set as setting an alarm clock and
                                                      can be changed at any time
                                                     Dispensers can be rented on a monthly basis or can be
                                                      purchased outright
                                                     The dispenser has 24 hour back up battery included
$25.95 Monthly Service Fee
$195.00 Purchase Price
$35.00 One Time Installation Fee Includes:
Initial Dispenser Setup
User/Care Giver Dispenser Operation Training
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