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Alert Systems

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POM-3000 Fall Detector

The risk of falling, an ongoing concern for anybody with impaired balance or mobility, increases with age. It poses a particularly significant health risk for the elderly, even those in good general health, as a fall can lead to serious injury.

More than half of all falls take place within the home, making the POM-3000 fall Detector an ideal solution for reliable fall detection and alert.

It functions both as a standard manual emergency alert button and as a fall detector, which automatically triggers a call to the monitoring center for immediate help.

The fall detection is enabled by a built-in tilt sensor that can

sense when the detector, which is worn by the user, tilts at

more than 60 degree angle; for more than a predefined

period of time (usually about a minute).

This activates an alert transmission to the control panel,

which notifies the monitoring station, enabling help to be

dispatched immediately.

This waterproof fall detector/transmitter has a factory-sealed

case and can be used safely in wet environments such as

bathrooms, showers, gardens, and pools. Acts as both a

manual emergency button and an automatic fall detector.