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Who Needs Our Services?


Effective seniors’ care services are becoming increasingly essential and critical. Every year, 30 percent of senior citizens suffer injuries in the home ranging from a simple fall to a potentially fatal emergency such as a stroke or a heart attack. These events can be life-threatening if emergency response is delayed. Prompt medical help can be critical to seniors’ safety.

Installing an emergency medical alert system in your home ensures that you receive prompt personal emergency response and access to emergency medical care.

Premier Alert Systems offers 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring service for seniors through medical alert and personal emergency response systems. Premier Alert Systems emergency medical alerts and personal safety systems ensure comprehensive safety for Seniors. With just the press of a button anytime, day or night, Premier Alert Systems personal emergency response representatives respond within 30 seconds or less to assist you.Other available senior care services are: 

  • Daily wake up calls
  • Regular wellness checks
  • Medication reminders
  • Automated Medication Dispensers

Personal medical history tracking with Premier Alert Systems personal emergency response systems for seniors, you will regain the confidence and peace of mind you need to live safely and independently


Premier Alert Systems personal safety system helps caregivers provide personalized care for the elderly and disabled during emergencies.

With Premier Alert Systems 24/7 emergency care, you can offer for your loved ones at home a life of greater comfort and independence.

How this helps caregivers extend extra home care:    

  • Allows caregivers to have extra freedom without compromising care

  • Immediate contact with the caregiver in case of emergency


As a healthcare professional, you could use the Premier Alert Systems emergency alarm system and personal safety alert in different ways to provide additional value to your patients or customers.

Helps Professionals with:  

  • Local emergency response service and support

  • Local representatives install and maintain all systems
  • Professionally handle all customer inquiries, and provide doctors and medical professionals with unparalleled personal service
  • Maintains complete medical history of all patients, track and send
  • incident reports  

We have listed a few ways how different organizations could use this system. If you have a specific need that is not covered here, do contact Wade or Susan (402) 740-0650.  

  • Home Care Agencies

  • Hospice Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Physicians, Clinics, and Urgent Care Facilities
  • Private and Military Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Dialysis Center
  • Durable Medical Equipment Companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Independent and Assisted Living Facilities

Provide your patients a life of comfort and independence with

Premier Alert Systems 24/7 emergency care.

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