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POM-3000 Medical Alarm

POM-3000 Base Unit

Premier Alert Systems Medical Alarm System provides safety, independence, peace of mind for loved ones and security at the push of a button.

Manufactured by Visonic Industries the POM-3000 has the reputation in the Alarm Industry as being the "Cadillac" of Medical Alarm Systems.

Our Standard System Features Include:

24/7 Hour Monitoring for Any Emergency

Optional: Up to Three Live "Voice to Voice" Daily Wellness Checks

Light Weight Waterproof Self Testing Button

Button Can Be Worn on the Wrist or Around the Neck

Two Way Personalized Communication Covers Approx. 2500 Sq. Ft. Area

Base Unit Has 24 Hour Battery Back Up

No Contract Commitment

No Equipment to Purchase

Installations Are Usually Scheduled Within 24 to 48 Hrs

Optional Charge: Up to 16 Live "Voice to Voice" Medication Reminders

POM-3000 Base Unit

Lock Box Service Provided With POM-3000 System - No Charge

Contains Key to Your House So That Emergency Personnel Can

Help You When You Can't Get to the Door.

Most Commonly Mounted to the Garage Door Frame

$34.95* Basic Monthly Service Fee Includes: 

Medical Alarm and One Pendant

Wrist Band and Neck Cord

Optional: Three Live "Voice to Voice" Daily Wellness Checks Per Day

Lock Box is Included With Medical Alarm Service

* Plus Applicable State Sales Taxes

One Time $35.00 Installation Fee Includes:

Subscriber Data Collection

Service and Equipment Explanation

Whole House System Testing

Lock Box Installation

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